"Sai Rubber Industries" are an Experienced Manufacturer and Exporter Supplying a wide range of Quality Rubber Products as Oil Seals, Hoses, 'O' Rings, Sleeves, Gaskets, strips, Bellows, rubber sheets, Cup Seals, 'U' Seals, 'V' Seals, specialized maintanence machine parts, Hydraulic seals, Rubber caps, Engine Mountings, Anti Vibratation pads, Rubber bushes, Nozzle Rubbers, Sealing rings, Radiator Hoses (Wrapped & Smooth Finish), Braided High Pressure Hoses, Beading's Channels, Rings, Gaskets Pads, Rubber to Metal Bonded , Cellular Rubber Components , Cycle Valve Tubing & Brake Rubbers etc. for Industrial and Automobile Industry.

We use all kinds of natural and synthetic polymers like Silicon, viton, Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile and polyurethene rubbers